A screenshot of an Apple Shortcut showing the media volume being set to 0%.

Have you ever rolled over to grab your iPhone off the nightstand in the wee hours of the morning only to have the audio from some random video come blasting unexpectedly through the speakers? Well, let's ensure that never happens again by ensuring your phone is on mute every morning.

Step 1 - Create the shortcut

Go to the Shortcuts app on your iPhone and create a new shortcut.

  • Rename it "Mute Audio" and change the icon if you wish.
  • Tap Add Action.
  • Search for Set Volume and tap it.
  • Change the volume percentage to 0%.
  • Tap Done.

Step 2 - Set up the automation

Switch to the Automation tab down at the bottom of the screen so we can create an automation to trigger the muting of audio.

  • Tap the ➕ at the top of the screen.
  • Tap Time of Day.
  • Specify sometime in the early hours of the morning after you are (hopefully) asleep. E.g. 2:00 AM.
  • Tap Next.
  • Tap your newly created Mute Audio shortcut.

You're all done! Never wake up a partner or startle yourself again.