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Understanding SwiftUI's alignmentGuide

Understanding SwiftUI's alignmentGuide modifier can be a little tricky. It might seem like objects are moving in the opposite direction of what you intend. This post should help clarify what's happening.
A photograph of a black ZSA Moonlander keyboard taken from the left side. It sits on a wood desk.

A programmer's Moonlander review

Okay, okay, another ZSA Moonlander review, big whoop. Many posts and videos are out there discussing the pros and cons of the board, and you may be reading this alongside those as you contemplate a purchase (they're spendy boards). My review will differ from all the others because I'm focusing on something unique: me!
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OWC has lost my business

Other World Computing (OWC) has held a place in my Apple brain for a long time. They were where you went when you needed Apple-quality hardware that Apple itself didn't sell. Drives, memory, hubs, etc, could all be relied upon to work with your Mac. Hardware compatibility with a Mac may sound silly now, considering App...

A line graph showing a dip at a point when jemalloc was introduced to the server.

Upgrading to Rails 7.1, Ruby 3.3, jemalloc and YJIT

Over the holiday break, I decided to be a good boy and keep up with the regular updates to this website. This website uses a Dockerized Ruby on Rails app and is deployed on Render. I had four primary things I wanted to get done:

  1. Upgrade to Rails 7.1 (from Rails 7.0)
  2. Upgrade to Ruby 3.3 (from 3.2.2)
  3. Turn on jemalloc
  4. E...
Apple Time Machine sitting next to some Playstation 5 controllers on a wooden bookshelf.

Why is my computer being so slow?

I've recently been scratching my head trying to figure out why my MacBook Pro has been chugging. It's a 2021 M1 Max with 32 GB of RAM, so it makes little sense that writing code would be bogging it down. Electron apps (websites disguised as native apps) were terrible. Notion and Figma would stop working entirely. I mus...

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Well, hello there! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Matt Haliski, and I like building things on computers. I’ve been working in front of a keyboard for a long time, and I still wake up each day grateful I get to do it as my job.

I write about geeky topics to contribute to the community and share the interesting events in my life. You can read a bit more about me here.