A screenshot of an Apple Shortcut showing the media volume being set to 0%.

How to automatically mute your iPhone each night

Have you ever rolled over to grab your iPhone off the nightstand in the wee hours of the morning only to have the audio from some random video come blasting unexpectedly through the speakers? Well, let's ensure that never happens again by ensuring your phone is on mute every morning.

Go to the Shortcuts app on your iP...

A photograph of a tidy kitchen with a garbage can overflowing with garbage bin that seems to be emitting a nasty smell.

Remember to empty the garbage bin before going on vacation.

Are you headed out for a little rest and relaxation? Congrats! Do yourself a favor and walk over to your garbage bin in your kitchen and take it out. The last thing you want to do is walk back into your home with that thing marinating for days/weeks.

Image of a stainless steel spoon on a white countertop, with tiny, dried crusty bits of green avocado flesh adhering to its surface, illustrating the challenge of cleaning avocado remnants after a dishwasher cycle.

Rinse off any dishes that touched avocado

You really need to rinse or scrub off anything that came in contact with avocado before you put it in the dishwasher. That stuff dries on there like concrete and is going to come out of the dishwasher with icky little bits crusted on. Just do the pre-wash.

A nice apartment with a TV on the wall that appears to be connected to the internet and has a hundred ads on the screen as a result.

Don't connect your smartTV to the internet

So you're sitting in your living room staring at a massive box with your brand-new TV inside. You're excited, and you should be. Don't ruin that excitement by giving that TV your wifi username and password. Just don't. More and more TV manufacturers are going bonkers thinking of ways to advertise to you on the thing yo...

A photo of a grocery cart return with a white car next to it.

The smartest place to park

Don't waste time fighting for a parking spot closest to the store's front doors. Instead, you should seek the smarter spot next to a cart return. You won't have to traverse through the parking lot after you've loaded your car, and you'll save time in the end.

A TV mounted on a wall with a speaker icon being crossed out.

How to fix your Apple TV remote that isn't controlling volume

If you run into the issue where your Apple TV remote stops controlling the volume, restart the remote itself. I have completely taken apart my media setup trying to diagnose this weird intermittent issue. Don't be like me.

Fix the issue by holding the 🖥️ + volume down buttons for five seconds. You should see the light...

A photo of an empty toilet paper roll with the words "Don't panic" written on it.

Unwrap your TP

If you happen to store your extra toilet paper rolls under your bathroom sink, do yourself a favor and unwrap them from their plastic. Nothing is worse than realizing you've been stranded without toilet paper and then having to extract that precious roll from its plastic prison. Save yourself the extra frustration by t...

A woman contemplating which bowl of Cheetos to start eating.

Choose Cheeto Puffs over regular

If you find yourself in a moment of weakness and craving some Cheetos, you should absolutely opt for the puffs. Even though you'll likely eat a larger volume, you'll end up downing fewer calories.

From the book How Not to Diet:

Greger, Michael. How Not to Diet: The Groundbreaking Science of Healthy, Permanent Weight ...

A disheveled man with an open and flat collar.

Your collared shirt remembers

You're wearing a collared shirt with the first couple of buttons undone, and your collar is hanging open so wide it's nearly touching the outside of each shoulder. This is not a great look.

Only one button truly matters when you are hanging or folding your collared shirt: the top one. It's probably best to button all ...

Photo of a distressed Asian man in a well-lit room, yelling at his iPhone which he holds firmly in his hand.

The trick to connecting certain smart home accessories

Are you having trouble getting your smart home accessories to connect to Wi-Fi? The following tip will eventually be less needed, but you might currently be facing an issue so let's get it sorted out.

You have a new or new-to-you accessory that needs to connect to Wi-Fi. Let's assume you're trying to integrate said ac...

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