A beach at sunset with palm-leaf umbrellas and people dining.

Puerto Vallarta: The Sequel

It's rare that sequels are better than the original, and our most recent trip to Puerto Vallarta was no exception. The Haliski clan returned to the sunny beaches of PV roughly a week ago and spent most of the time in our hotel rooms, purging anything we dared to eat or drink.

Lessons from a barbershop

I have been going to the same barber for around seven years now. It's a multi-generational barbershop with views of Lake Washington, where the aroma of coffee and Italian food floats as you walk in. In the summer, you occasionally have to park a few blocks away because they have street vendors that set up shop along th...

A creepy rabbit in its hole surrounded by a forrest with sunlight peeking through.

The deepest rabbit hole ever

It started with a GIF.

Well, it didn't start with a GIF because I couldn't upload one to my website. I wanted to write a blog post about a cool new feature in Safari that I would demonstrate with a GIF, but I could only upload static images. So, I started the process of adding that functionality, and whoa baby, I coul...

Screenshot of the new matthaliski.com design.

New website look

Would you look at that?! I just launched my new website design. It’s a somewhat soft launch because I’ve got more things planned. I went down a giant rabbit hole to reach this point, so I thought I would commemorate it with a post. It feels good to kick this out the door.
Screenshot of Xcode's project settings showing both the target and project iOS Deployment Targets.

Xcode’s Deployment Target: Project vs. Targets

I occasionally get hung up on stuff as I travel deeper into iOS development. I recently got confused with the difference between a project’s deployment target and a target’s deployment target. This is ultimately an issue of what iOS versions I will support as a developer, but I was confused about why I could specify it

Fixing [SceneConfiguration] Info.plist contained no UIScene configuration dictionary error in Xcode

It seems Xcode 14.2 introduced an annoying little error when running your app in the Simulator. The error reads: [SceneConfiguration] Info.plist contained no UIScene configuration dictionary (looking for configuration named "(no name)"). It would appear three times in a row for me.

Here’s how you can fix it:

  1. Select ...
Mastodon header

Customize your Mastodon Handle

Let’s say some narcissistic moron buys the social media company you use daily and decides that it would be better off with 100x the Nazis. You decide this isn’t for you, so you find yourself exploring the world of Mastodon.
A bird who is tripping balls in a fiery hellscape.

I'm leaving Twitter

I joined Twitter in December 2008. I was at the beginning of my career and eager to see what the web design and development field was up to. I enjoyed the platform’s brevity and the immediate consumption of information it allowed.
View of the ocean from a hotel balcony

Day of the Dead

We recently took a trip to Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, to witness the Day of the Dead celebrations. It shares similar timing with Halloween and folks down there celebrate both. There were many trick-or-treaters out and about, but the main attractions were the Catrinas, and folks down there celebrate both.
PurgeCSS Logo

Using PurgeCSS with Rails

We leverage CSS frameworks like Bootstrap or Tailwind in our applications, but we likely won't use *all* elements from the framework. This means that we’re serving larger CSS files than we need to. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way only to include the

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