A beach at sunset with palm-leaf umbrellas and people dining.

It's rare that sequels are better than the original, and our most recent trip to Puerto Vallarta was no exception. The Haliski clan returned to the sunny beaches of PV roughly a week ago and spent most of the time in our hotel rooms, purging anything we dared to eat or drink. Eight out of nine of us got sick within a few hours of each other, which helped us narrow down a specific restaurant as the likely perpetrator of our sickness. I'm still not feeling 100% as I write this.

A photograph of the boardwalk along the beach at night.

It's good that we planned to make this trip much more laid back than our last visit, where we packed our days completely full. There would have been a lot of cancellations this go around.

We arrived in time for the Day of the Dead and all its festivities. We saw amazing dancing, giant Catrinas, and plenty of delicious-smelling street vendors.

Children dancing at night in traditional costumes for the Day of The Dead

We celebrated a couple of family birthdays and navigated some heat-induced medical events. It's never dull around this family.

We caught the Oregon vs. Cal game at a sports bar with an extremely obnoxious Minnesota fan who would not shut up. He was drunk and yelling at everyone. Perhaps it was karma that Minnesota ended up losing the game.

This was the last photo before getting sick. We had no idea what was about to hit us!

Matt and Melissa Haliski smiling at a sports bar.

Written by Matt Haliski
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