I cancelled my Hey email accounts

Yesterday I canceled two @heyhey email accounts. It’s really hard to figure out what the two fellas at the top were thinking by implementing their new company policy on political/social discussions. It’s especially bizarre given the outspoken nature of both the founders.

Unfortunately, it’s becoming apparent today tha...

ActionMailer SMTP settings for SendGrid (Rails)

Okay, I got no Google hits for this. Here’s a tip if you’re using SendGrid in a Rails app for your transactional emails. A while back you needed to provide your SendGrid username and password (hopefully via environment variables), but now you can use an app-specific api key.

Here’s some historical context. This was th...

How to Create a Contact Form Using Rails and Mandrill

Let’s build a simple contact form for your Rails driven website that uses Mandrill as the desired email server. Mandrill lets us offload the management of setting up and running an email server ourselves and, therefore, relieving ourselves of a massive headache. Mandrill starts you with 2,000 free trial sends which is ...

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