Dealing with Unity versions

I recently got a MacBook Air to serve as a mobile-friendly companion to my iMac and it got me thinking about how to deal with Unity installs. I had primarily been working on a single machine without any team members to worry about. Therefore my one machine, and the Unity versions on it, were all that mattered. But as I...

The software used in game development

If you’re getting into game development like I am, you may quickly find yourself overwhelmed by all the software required to get the job done. I’ve been creating things on computers for a long time and it’s even got me like, “Man, another program? And it’s how much?” Anyways, I figured I’d detail the software tools you...

How to change your project name in Unity Hub

Here’s a little idea if you’ve ever been bothered by the inability to change your project name in Unity Hub. Let’s say your project uses a directory structure that looks like the following:

Now if you’ve got 10 games using a similar structure, then you’ll likely see 10 projects with the name “Unity” in Unity Hub. That...

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