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Understanding SwiftUI's alignmentGuide

Understanding SwiftUI's alignmentGuide modifier can be a little tricky. It might seem like objects are moving in the opposite direction of what you intend. This post should help clarify what's happening.
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Why is my computer being so slow?

I've recently been scratching my head trying to figure out why my MacBook Pro has been chugging. It's a 2021 M1 Max with 32 GB of RAM, so it makes little sense that writing code would be bogging it down. Electron apps (websites disguised as native apps) were terrible. Notion and Figma would stop working entirely. I mus...

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Understanding `some View` in SwiftUI

If you're jumping into SwiftUI, you will see `some View` immediately, and it's a somewhat complicated topic to understand so early in your journey. Thankfully, Swift 5.7 made a minor but helpful tweak to the keywords that helped clarify what's happening. This post will help you understand the differences between the `

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