A photograph of a black ZSA Moonlander keyboard taken from the left side. It sits on a wood desk.

A programmer's Moonlander review

Okay, okay, another ZSA Moonlander review, big whoop. Many posts and videos are out there discussing the pros and cons of the board, and you may be reading this alongside those as you contemplate a purchase (they're spendy boards). My review will differ from all the others because I'm focusing on something unique: me!
A sad little HDD sitting on a wood desk.

OWC has lost my business

Other World Computing (OWC) has held a place in my Apple brain for a long time. They were where you went when you needed Apple-quality hardware that Apple itself didn't sell. Drives, memory, hubs, etc, could all be relied upon to work with your Mac. Hardware compatibility with a Mac may sound silly now, considering App...

2 Studio Displays mounted to a wooden desk.

Apple Studio Displays

Thanks to ordering the VESA mount option, I’m too late to the party to do a spec review, but I want to address the mood in the room. The internet sure went on a hot take rampage with these displays, didn’t they? There was a lot of disappointment and exasperation flying around. Here’s why I think a lot of the frustratio...

Logitech mouse sitting on a wood desk.

I broke down and got a 3-button mouse

I probably teeter on the edge of being an Apple fanboy. Since the original iPhone I’ve waited hours in lines for iPhones just so I could have them on the first day. I’ve gone through too many MacBook Pros, Mac Pros and iMacs to count. I wear my AirPods at least half of every day… even though they fall out of my ears. I...

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