A graphic showing how branches should work when doing iOS programming.

CI with Linear, GitHub, and Xcode Cloud

Are you trying to figure out how to get your issue tracker, GitHub, and Xcode Cloud to all play together nicely? I've settled on a good flow for small teams or individuals like myself. This is one of those topics that largely depends on your specific needs, but I can provide a good starting point, which you can modify ...

Apple Time Machine sitting next to some Playstation 5 controllers on a wooden bookshelf.

Why is my computer being so slow?

I've recently been scratching my head trying to figure out why my MacBook Pro has been chugging. It's a 2021 M1 Max with 32 GB of RAM, so it makes little sense that writing code would be bogging it down. Electron apps (websites disguised as native apps) were terrible. Notion and Figma would stop working entirely. I mus...

Screenshot of Xcode's project settings showing both the target and project iOS Deployment Targets.

Xcode’s Deployment Target: Project vs. Targets

I occasionally get hung up on stuff as I travel deeper into iOS development. I recently got confused with the difference between a project’s deployment target and a target’s deployment target. This is ultimately an issue of what iOS versions I will support as a developer, but I was confused about why I could specify it

Fixing [SceneConfiguration] Info.plist contained no UIScene configuration dictionary error in Xcode

It seems Xcode 14.2 introduced an annoying little error when running your app in the Simulator. The error reads: [SceneConfiguration] Info.plist contained no UIScene configuration dictionary (looking for configuration named "(no name)"). It would appear three times in a row for me.

Here’s how you can fix it:

  1. Select ...

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