Screenshot of Xcode's project settings showing both the target and project iOS Deployment Targets.

Xcode’s Deployment Target: Project vs. Targets

I occasionally get hung up on stuff as I travel deeper into iOS development. I recently got confused with the difference between a project’s deployment target and a target’s deployment target. This is ultimately an issue of what iOS versions I will support as a developer, but I was confused about why I could specify it

Fixing [SceneConfiguration] Info.plist contained no UIScene configuration dictionary error in Xcode

It seems Xcode 14.2 introduced an annoying little error when running your app in the Simulator. The error reads: [SceneConfiguration] Info.plist contained no UIScene configuration dictionary (looking for configuration named "(no name)"). It would appear three times in a row for me.

Here’s how you can fix it:

  1. Select ...

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