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OWC has lost my business

Other World Computing (OWC) has held a place in my Apple brain for a long time. They were where you went when you needed Apple-quality hardware that Apple itself didn't sell. Drives, memory, hubs, etc, could all be relied upon to work with your Mac. Hardware compatibility with a Mac may sound silly now, considering App...

Getting rid of Time Machine backup folder

Okay, wow. Have you been pulling your hair out trying to get rid of some old Time Machine backup files that simply won’t delete? Well, if you’ve tried a hundred things and ended up here I just might be able to help because I just dealt with the same thing.

Somehow Time Machine had made a backup to my boot drive. Not s...

Developer folder on your Mac

I’ve had a directory under my user folder called Development for ages. Probably since I started coding. Somehow, for the very first time, I saw someone using a Developer folder and, damnit, they had a pretty icon on their folder.

I’ve been getting robbed of a fancy icon for years because I described the folder’s actio...

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