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Web devs are constantly putting up and pulling down their own sites and I’m no different. So here is my latest attempt at organization. I plan to make this site my informal blog where I’ll talk freely about anything. will just focus primarily on my company and its endeavors.

I felt like polluting my ...

Bootstrap 4 Cheat Sheet

Get your Bootstrap 4 documentation faster!

This got posted on Hacker News the other day. It’s fantastic. It’s much quicker and cleaner than Bootstrap’s documentation. It’s not going to be as verbose, but if you’ve been using Bootstrap for a while and you just need the syntax, it’s lightning fast.

Editing a form using fields_for in Rails

Let’s say you’d like to successfully create or update a nested form using fields_for. Our ‘parent’ will be a Post model and our ‘child’ will be a Tag model. It’s not hard, but there’s a bit of a gotcha that I found most other resources out there were leaving out.

We’ll use a Post model as our parent in this situation....

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My blog primarily contains writings about my work on computers, but I occasionally mix in fun life stuff. I am, at best, a mediocre writer, but I like doing my part to give back to the community. Feel free to contact me if you have specific something to chat about. See you around!