A woman holding a measuring tape in front of a window.

How to measure for curtains

Don't order your curtains too narrow! You might think, "I'll measure for height by going from the mount spot to the floor. And I'll measure for width by measuring the window's horizontal opening." But if you do that, you'll be really disappointed.

There's nothing worse than having curtains that barely close in the mid...

A man holding a screwdriver trying to figure something out.

How to start a screw

Most screws are meant to turn clockwise, but you should't just start cranking that baby in. Instead, you should set the screw in and lightly turn it counterclockwise first until you hear a "click." You also might feel it set into place. Now that the threads are lined up, you can begin to tighten the screw by turning it...

Video of single words being selected via a keyboard shortcut.

Select current word keyboard shortcut

This is probably my favorite and most used keyboard shortcut I have. I use an application called Keyboard Maestro that runs system-wide. It allows me to set up a macro and assign a keyboard shortcut to it. You aren't confined to Keyboard Maestro, but you'll need a tool that allows you to do something similar.

The acti...

A blonde-haired woman walking across a gray beach. Inspired by the video game Death Stranding.

Set up "Text Replacement" when starting a new video game

When I start a video game, I know I'm going to be doing a ton of "googling." So I create a text replacement on my iPhone that expands an abbreviated term. Rather than type out "Death Stranding something something" a million times, I set up "ds" to expand into the repetitive part of my inevitable searches. If you're on ...

An old lady who is shocked at seeing her Sriracha bottle explode!

How to stop a Sriracha bottle from exploding

You reach for the delectable red chili sauce, which unexpectedly splatters across the ceiling, table, and chairs. If you're fortunate, it merely oozes over itself, resulting in some loss of the precious red gold.

The key to not having your Sriracha bottle explode or ooze all over itself is to help it breathe. After yo...

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